Cosma fully integrated automated line which includes Automatic loader, Automatic spreader, Conveyor tables, labelling machine and Auto cutter, which enables the cutting room to have a complete control and error free in the production line. Data’s are digitally transferred using WIFI, from the planning room using Cosma LAYPLANNER software, such as order information, Marker details, Roll Details and bundle information.Customer can easily track the efficiency of machine & operator, material consumption by our powerful DCS Software (data collection system). Barcode, QR code & RFID are available on request and can be customized according to the customer need.

A full line solution also helps the cutting room to improve the production flow smoother and faster by eliminating the down time, save cost in the process. DCS system helps the cutting room to find the bottle neck to improve the area of bottle neck.

Cosma CDAS (Cutting Data Analysis System) online cloud based software help to monitor the production from any part of the world, keeps the customer updated about productivity, maintenance, breakdown and Efficiency.

Cosma Full line is available in different configurations for different kind of products.

Technical Features:
Usable widths: 180, 200 OR 220 Cm
Lay height: 20 cm
Installed power: 1,5 Kw
Maximum speed: 3 second each label
Voltage: 220V 1PH-50/60 Hz
Compressed air: 150L/min 7 Bar