JWEI EDO3A Series Pattern Cutter

Brand: JWEI
Category: Model
Factory: NinGBo


1. The application of an Ethernet port makes the cutting plotters fast and convenient

2. High performance is guaranteed with the integrated circuit plate.

3. The linear guide of the cutting plotters ensures high speed and few errors.

4. The cutting plotters feature imported digital servo drivers and their SD cards offer mass storage.

5. The powerful compatible function enables connection with any kind of CAD software.

6. The cutting plotters have an LCD touch screen in both English and Chinese.

7. The cutting plotters feature intellective order printing.


The EDO-1863A and EDO-1873A Pattern Cutter are used in image symbolization and the clothing, suitcase, trimming and padding industries.

Technical Specifications

  Model No.   EDO-1873A   EDO-1653A
  Cutting Media

  Kinds of cardboard, kraft paper, plastic board, fibrous cardboard

rubber sheet and marking film etc.

  Pen & Blade Types   Gel-ink pen, oil pen, ball pen / special tungsten carbide blade
  Programmable Resolution   0.025 / 0.01 / 0.1 available
  Interface   Serial Port and Ethernet Port
  Command Mode   HP-GL compatible format
  Max. Speed   Up to 1200mm/s
  Max. Cutting Depth   2mm
  Media Fixture Method   Vacuum suction
  Repeat Precision   ≤0.05mm
  Buffer Memory   1G
  Operational Panel   Touch screen
  Transmission System   Digital servo driver synchronous belt straight rail
  Power Supply   AC 220V ±10%, 50HZ/60HZ / 3 KW
  Fuse   6A,30A
  Working Environment   10 to 35 deg.C
  Effective Cutting Area   1500mm*1200mm  900mm*600mm

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