Richpeace Automatic Perforation and Embroidery Sewing machine

Product Feature :

1. Machine sewing area: 900x600mm (other sewing area can be customized).

2. Spindle drive and sewing frame drive are driven by servo motor, independently controlled.

3. Independent research and development ofelectrome chanics to meet customer's customization function.

4. Independently developed intelligent punching and embroidery sewing layout software, which is conducive to one-time forming.

5. Bridge type structure, stable frame, large sewing area,can make any flower shape.

6. Equipped with automatic dust-absorbing equipment and device to remove dander.

7. Automatic oil supply system to improve the service life of the equipment and reduce manual maintenance.

8. Sewing with twice as big rotary shuttle, embroidery double rotary, original imported Japanese rotary shuttle.

9. Sewing head can be automatically lifted to prevent crashing into the frame, anti-dislodging function .

10. Special multi-functional frame can meet the processing of different thickness leather and composite leather.

Product Range :