Richpeace Automatic Perforation(special-hole) +Embroidery+Sewing (rotating head) Machine

Product Feature :

1. It adopts independent driven rotary head and hook mechanism. The head and hook can rotate in 360°, avoiding the quality difference of positive and negative stitch.

2. The rotary punching mechanism can install up to 6 kinds of special-shaped knives, and any knife can realize 360° rotation, punching out any angle patterns to enrich more designs.

3. Integrated with embroidery, sewing and punching in one machine, and arbitrary designs, easily realize any complicated combination process of punching, embroidering and sewing.

4. The embroidery speed can be up to 1000 stitches/min., sewing speed can reach 1000 stitches/min., and punching speed can reach 800 holes/min..

5. Punching knives are optional for : round-hole knife, square-hole knife, rectangular-hole knife, diamond-hole knife, elliptical-hole knife, and other special-shaped hole punching knives. (Hole diameter range within 1mm-5mm.)

6. Embroidery and sewing stitches have good consistency, stable quality, and less defective products.

7. Automatic rotary hook lubricating function in embroidery and sewing heads.

8. Stainless steel table, durable and easy to clean.

Product Range :

Product Video :