Richpeace Computerized Mattress Border Embroidery Machine

Product Feature :

 1. Special adjustable pneumatic embroidery frame can meet different width and thickness of bed border embroidery.

2. The platform adopts high wear-resistant protective plate, with high hardness and good flatness.

3, Independent wiring, motor dynamic line cutting.

4, Screw color change, color change accuracy is high, ensure the quality of embroidery.

5, Spindle motor, embroidery frame motor are all servo imported motor.

6, Rotary shuttle: the original imported Sawen (or Hirose) rotary shuttle, can guarantee  good quality embroidery and durable.

7. Embroidery pattern-making software: self-developed intelligent embroidery pattern-making software.

8, Linear guide drive: embroidery frame, color are driven by linear guide, using world famous linear guide rail to ensure the accuracy of the frame drive, the embroidery is exquisite, the speed is fast, and easy to operate.

Product Video :