Richpeace Computerized Perforation and Embroidery Machine

Product Feature :

1. Richpeace is the only embroidery machine manufacturer who owns software, computer, machinery and completely independent intellectual property rights, has a strong research and development customization capability.

2. Industrial control system with ARM+LINUX: independent research and development, flexible extension, strong compatibility, stable and reliable.

3. Richpeace Welcome embroidery software which independent research and development can seamlessly connect with Richpeace computerized embroidery machine.

4. Three main components: arm base, rotary hook base, needle bar case set. They ensure the size precise and quality stability. Aluminum alloy CNC processing and production and special surface treatment.

5. Trimming system: static motor shears, motor control thread length, higher efficiency, mute and improve the embroidery quality and productivity.

6. French Schneider servo motor is used on main shaft, X shaft and Y shaft.

7. Machine main body is made of high quality steel, high rigidity, horizontal welding platform, large gantry milling machine one-step milling molding, double beam stand structure strong and precise.

8. Machine table with high grade material, high hardness, good barad ability performance, good flatness and one-step processing molding by CNC machine center

Product Range :

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