Richpeace Computerized Single Head Cap/Tubular Embroidery Machine

Product Feature :

1. 5-inch keyboard computer screen, 15 colours of Single head.

2. Speed: Flat embroidery≤1200RPM, Cap Embroidery ≤900RPM, Tubular embroidery≤1000RPM.

3. Work area: Flat embroidery: 400x450mm, Cap Embroidery: 300x60mm, Tubular embroidery: 350x350mm.

4. Conveniently switch among embroidery, Cap embroidery and Tubular embroidery, it can store sixteen million needles or two hundred patterns.

5. It can rotate, zoom, copy, delete, edit patterns,software can be converted to tubular embroidery, cap embroidery and special embroidery functions.

6. Press forward or back button that can move template frame upon tracing stitche,colour change or the specified stitch.

7. Automatic thread trimmer, hook thread,automatic thread breakage detect.

8. New type of table board, strong hardness, high wear resistance.

9. Standard presser foot: It can be adjusted according to the thickness of the fabric.

10. Standard foot wheel: It is more convenient to remove machine.

11. Standard Coiling tube:it can prevent winding and loose stitch.

12. Servo Drive with Power-off Protection Function

Product Range :

Product Video :